Tim:Kristle“Pastor Luna is a man of exceptional character who truly embodies the spirit of aloha. Although my wife and I only met him for a short time his kindness, warmth and passion were instantly recognizable and were present during our ceremony. We could not recommend Pastor Luna more highly, Mahalo Pastor Luna.”

We hope everything is going well and look forward to the next time our paths cross! If you need anything don’t hesitate, thank you again!

-Tim and Kristle


Matt & MelWe planned our destination wedding from Australia and Pastor Luna was highly recommended to us via our contact at Turtle Bay, the location of our wedding. We contacted Pastor Luna to see if he would be available on our wedding date, and he responded very quickly and confirmed that he would be available and happy to perform our wedding ceremony. He also spoke highly of both the location of our wedding, as well as the staff at the resort. Moreover, he provided ample information in order to give us a better idea of his ceremonies (i.e. sample YouTube videos, various ceremony styles from which we could choose, wedding minister brochure, marriage information form, and additional information on how to secure his services). He was extremely kind and polite and seemed excited to be working with us on our special day in Hawai’i!
We kept in contact with Pastor Luna via email leading up to our wedding date, and once we arrived in Hawai’i organized a time to meet with him prior to our ceremony. We met with Pastor Luna for approximately an hour a few days before the actual ceremony, which was fantastic as he walked us through what to expect and reassured us that once the ceremony started all we needed to do was trust and follow his direction. We chose a traditional Hawaiian ceremony, and it turned out beautifully! Several of our guests attended from overseas and commented on how wonderful the service was.
Working with Pastor Luna was a great experience, and we would definitely highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to host their wedding in Hawai’i.
Thanks, again, Pastor Luna, as you’ve made our wedding one to remember, and we wish you all the best!
Matthew and Melanie


Lea & AlexAloha Pastor Lyons,

Just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful ceremony you performed for Alex and I! Everyone has told me it was the best wedding ceremony they have ever attended (other than my little slip up forgetting to repeat my vows – oops 🙂 )
Anyways my mother in law was wondering if you could send a copy of the ceremony and I can forward it to her. I know you sent it to me back in April but I can’t seem to find it on my computer! If you could send that over that would be awesome!!!
Thank you so much!Lea:Alex

Hollywood, Hawaii Wedding Minister and Romance

Hawaiian wedding officiant
Pastor Luna

There’s just something about these islands that makes them one of the world’s top wedding destinations.  They’re picturesque, beautiful in natural splendor, and breath-taking.

This 50th State is a destination that you would be proud to say, “married in Hawaii”!

Over a half century, Hollywood has played its part in giving people a taste and vision of the islands.  Romance is almost always the underlying emotion stirred.

We’ve been charmed about these isles with movies like:

  • South Pacific and it’s classic Roger’s & Hammerstein music and mysterious Bali Hai, filmed on the island of Kauai
  • Blue Hawaii, with wedding ideas, Hollywood Hawaiian-style with Elvis Presley
  • From Here to Eternity, and it’s infamous beach scene with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. Shot next to the “Blow Hole” on Oahu
  • North Shore
  • Six Days Seven Nights
  • Pearl Harbor
  • 50 First Dates, a romantic comedy set in various parts of Hawaii with Alan Sandler and Drew Barrymore
  • A Perfect Getaway, an action thriller for the brave of heart couples who experience Hawaii’s beauty with a twist
  • Aloha (May 2015)
  • Jurrasic World (June 2015).

My great, great grandfather, Julius A. Wise from Hamburg, Germany, came to the islands in the mid-1800’s.  He fell in love with this tropical paradise and with a Hawaiian island girl, Rebecca Nawaa.  Tutu kupuna wahine kuakahi (great great grandma), was born in the same birthplace as King Kamehameha I.  I understand, Tutu was a seventh generation descendant of Kamehameha, first king to unite the Hawaiian islands.  Julius and Rebecca Married in Hawaii, Kohala on the big island of Hawaii in the 1860’s.

Hawaii has been a pleasing peaceful sanctuary of love or as we say in Hawaii, Aloha!

So, how about you?  Why not take the plunge?  You can come by ship, jet plane, balloon, although a bit risky, or by canoe, if you’re Polynesian or Nordic or just an extreme adventurist.

I’d love to hear your story about, “why Hawaii?”. Did you find a “Married in Hawaii Minister for your wedding?

Let me say, “E Komo Mai” in advance.  “Welcome” to the islands of Aloha.